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7 Great Things About Being a Military Friendly Real Estate Agent

During the course of a real estate career, agents provide valuable service to a wide variety of clients.

But if you've ever assisted a military client, you know there's something special about working with our nation's service members.

It's tough to put such a rewarding experience into words, but we'll do our best. With help from your Facebook posts, here's a list of seven great things about being a military friendly real estate agent.

Serving those who have served us

What greater honor is there than helping a veteran find a great family home? It's easily the No. 1 reason being a military friendly real estate agent is so rewarding. We certainly can't repay the debt owed to our service members through a sale. But as a military friendly real estate agent, we can proudly announce our support of the troops through our work.

Honoring our military family members

For those with family members in the military, working with service members can be a very personal experience. Military friendly real estate agents often seek out this clientele in an effort to honor the service of their loved ones.

Making use of the VA loan program

The VA loan program offers incredible benefits to qualifying homebuyers. Eligible service members can access 100 percent financing (no down payment), no private mortgage insurance requirements, low closing costs and low interest rates. But the first task for military homebuyers is to locate a VA-eligible property. And that's where an experienced military friendly agent can make all the difference. Knowledgeable agents help military buyers unlock their well-deserved VA loan benefits through smart property selection and expert negotiation.

Working for a great customer base

Isn't it great to truly love your customers? So many of our military friendly agents comment on how enjoyable it is to work with the military community!

Joining the military community

Vets and active duty service members form a tight-knit community. Shared experiences and concerns help build trust among service members. Whether you've shared those experiences or not, by dedicating your skills to military clientele you'll quickly be welcomed to the military circle.

Reminiscing about service with others

Many of our military friendly real estate agents are also veterans. Swapping stories with other veterans and active duty service members can create an immediate and lasting bond between agent and client. Veteran agents understand the challenges of military life and love the chance to share life experiences and real estate guidance with others.

Focusing on a niche clientele

Remember the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none?" Narrowing your focus helps you to sharpen a unique set of skills and gets you one step closer to being an expert! What better group to serve expertly than our nation's service members?

What do YOU like most about being a military friendly real estate agent?