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Want to donate old clothes or household items to veterans and military families in need? Then look no further because has you covered.

The company, which has been helping veterans and the military among other citizens in need for more than 50 years, recently launched a new website — — where you can now request pre-paid UPS shipping bags to send unwanted clothing, accessories, shoes or linens from anywhere you live in the US, free of charge.

Because military families are always on the move, this means that free shipping bags make it easier not only to receive donations but to send them as well. And you can personally choose one of DonateStuff's partner charities you'd like to support, including AMVETS and The Purple Heart, who will benefit from the resale value of the items.

What is great about DonateStuff is that none of your donated items will go to a landfill. In fact, helps keep over 470,000 pounds of clothing out of landfills every week. Donations through this company are also tax deductible.

America Recycles Day was on November 15 this year, and joined Community Recycling and The Purple Heart in celebrating textile recycling and raising awareness of the need for textile donations across communities.

So how do you make a donation?

  • Visit the website to request a pre-paid UPS shipping bag.
  • Enter in your name, mailing address, number of requested bags and designate a charity.
  • Your requested bag(s) will be mailed to your home address within 24 hours.
  • Fill your bags and drop them off at any UPS shipping location.

Each shipping bag can hold an average of 15 pounds, which equals about 45 pieces of clothing, shoes, accessories and other household textiles including handbags, sheets and towels. You can request up to three bags at a time with no limit to the number of requests you can make. What's also nice is that the shipping bags don't expire, so you could keep one or two on hand to use whenever you need to.

The next time you have acquired clothes and other items you wish to donate, consider using DonateStuff to help others in need, especially veterans and members of the military.